Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | By: Diana


Meet today's artist, GoddessJoy. She has been stringing beads for 15 years. Of course when you see these designs, you don't really think "stringing beads" as much as you think "creating gorgeous works of art".

Her designs are 100% One of a Kind and will never be reproduced. This way you are sure to have something that no one else will ever have. She feels that every woman is a Goddess and therefore should be able to adorn themselves as one. Just scroll down under the photos to find where you can pick up these great items.

***You can find this artist here:
Artfire Studio
Monday, June 28, 2010 | By: Diana


To kickstart this blog and the week, I'd like to share the first of the Featured Studios, SimplyWillow.

Her style is Steampunk and Victorian and she has been designing these lovelies for over 10 years. Her designs begin by feeling the energy of the stones and allows them to work through her to create these amazing pieces. Please join me in sharing some love to this amazing artist. Look below for where you can find these pieces.

***You can find her and her work at these sites:
Artfire Studio

Thursday, June 24, 2010 | By: Diana

Blessed Be and Welcome!

Blessed Be,

Please excuse my prep as I get set up here. This is the future home of the Artfire Pagan Guild. We will be celebrating all the beauty and magick that we create. This is a place for sharing the love of handmade and the love of nature.

Everything that you will see on this site will be completely made by hand with love and most will unique one of a kind items. You may find the items for sale and each of our members studios are listed at the side. You may click on the name of the studio that you wish to visit and from there you can see all the available items that person has to offer.

So please bear with me as things fall into place and I build up and get everything current.