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For today's Free Reign Friday, I have opted to have "Symbols" as our theme.

Everyone knows about these but how much do we really know versus how much have we learned from the television. Granted, there are some things that are very informative on TV but we as Pagans kinda get shafted a little.

Most shows out there, not including the ones on Discovery Channel, take the idea of being Pagan as a bad thing. The use of a Pentacle as an evil mark is one of the largest misconceptions I have seen. Sure it makes for great fiction, but that's just what it is, fiction.

The Pentacle is one of the most used Pagan symbols. It is a protection symbol. The 5 points each represent the 5 elements, each working together, thus the circle. Of course here is the main thing to know, a pentacle is with the circle and a pentagram is without. Betcha didn't know that, did ya?

We use lots of symbols and what we use can be greatly determined by what path we follow. While I am personally Wiccan, I also use the Triple Moon. This is a symbol of Trinity. While Christians have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we have the Maiden, Mother and Crone. This symbolizes the Triple Goddess.

While I could go on and on about all the different symbols that are used, believe me it would never end. You can see just a sampling of some of the symbols as they are used in gorgeous handmade creations. Each item has the name of the studio listed with it and below the photos you can click on a studio to visit it. As I'm sure that these items will make you drool and you will just HAVE to check them out...

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