Thursday, July 1, 2010 | By: Diana


If you love the elegant and beautiful visions of Fantasy and Renaissance, then you will love today's studio.

Meet Thyme2Dream! She loves to design special pieces for Fae and Fairy folk. Now you can join them by wearing some of their favorite things. She designs circlets, tiara, ear cuff and wraps.

She creates her pieces guided by the natural energies of the stones that she uses. She is intrigued by the natural magick that gemstones exude. She takes that into account with her designs and places the stones in a design with a specific meaning and blessing for those who will wear them. Scroll under the pictures to see where you can find these items.

***You can find this artist in these locations:
Artfire Studio


Saniki Creations said...

Love the Tiaras... Beautiful work!!

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